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Attention Models! As you can imagine, we get so many submissions that we have a hard time keeping up.

To fix this, we've set up SOAKWorld, the SOAK's very own Internetwork, where models can register and upload their pictures. This makes it easy for all of us to stay in contact with everyone. Some of our emails to you models get caught in your spam box, or get bounced back. With SOAKWorld, we'll always get the message!

Tell your friends!
Tell your friends to join the site and create their own profiles. We keep track of how many people add you to their favorites list, and the models with the most get their own special feature in the pages of SOAK. And the models can connect directly with SOAK editors, photographers, other models, and all their fans.

Uploading Photos:
By uploading a photo, you guarantee that you own the copyright or have permission to use that photo. We always prefer amateur shots anyway...it's hard to see what you look like from fully retouched professional images. So snap 10 bikini shots in your bedroom, and upload away!

All SOAK Girls are featured in interviews and sensational, full color layouts taken at our studios (no nudity, but we get close). We're looking for everyday girls with a wild side and a desire to be big part of SOAK Magazine.

  • All models must be 18 or older
  • You must own all images or have the permission of the photographer to post them.

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