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Lucky Boys Confusions
Time to get Lucky
by Randy J. Klodz

Adam Krier plays guitar for suburban Chicago-native band Lucky Boys Confusion, and chicks almost always dig†a dude that plays guitar.†The brand of music played by LBC, as they are often called, is a clever mix of Pop/Reggae/Rock/Punk. The band first caught local attention playing small bars and clubs. Now, with Throwing the Game, the bandís May 2001 major label debut, and plenty of support since the release from Q101 and 94.7 The Zone, LBC has become a national act.

How can a group of guysóKrier, Kaustubh ďStubhyĒ Pandav on vocals, Joe Sell on guitar, Jason Schultejann on bass and Ryan Fergus on drumsóthat first hit it big with Dumb Pop Song, a song with a ďIím gonna steal your girlfriendĒ chorus, have healthy relationships while touring the long, hard road that is rock touring?

SOAK caught up with Krier following a July 31 performance in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With nothing but cell phone static in his way, the 24-year-old opened up to SOAK on the prospects of a new album titled Commitment, set for a scheduled October release, as well as topics ranging from whiskey, women andÖHarry Potter.

SOAK: Howís the new record turning out?
Adam Krier: The new recordís done. We did it out in Long Beach, Calif. with [Michael] Miguel [Happoldt] from Skunk Records, and the Sublime posse and all that.

SOAK: What was it like working with Miguel?
AK: Miguel was great. He let us do what we wanted and he actually encouraged us to try things. He was one of those producers who wasnít so much into the accuracy of the playing, but more towards the feeling behind it. If something was a little out of tune it didnít bug him as long as it was played from the heart.

SOAK: How did you come up with the ĎCommitmentí title for the new record?
AK: We did our thing around Chicago for a while. We built it up. We were selling out the House of Blues and the Metro a couple times in one night, and we got love from Q101, and at that point we had a lot of attentionóthe spotlight was on us. A lot of people came out of the woodwork and were just kind of behind the band. When that was going on, we were getting hypeóeverybody was giving us love. But when the record didnít perform to what a major labelís supposed to do, which is go gold or something like that, everybody just kind of disappeared. So weíve just dedicated this to the people that have kind of stuck through it.

SOAK: What drove you to do the Clash cover ĎTommy Guní at your ĎSongs From a Sceneí shows at Metro in late December?
AK: That was one of my favorite moments on stage ever. We are all huge Clash fans and when [Joe] Strummer died, I really wanted to do something, but I didnít know what. But I thought that maybe if I could turn two sold-out crowds of kids, that probably werenít into the Clash before, into Clash fans, that was doing something. We picked Tommy Gun because I thought that was one of our favorites. It was an incredible experience for me to do that. Take the center stage and sing that song, itís all good.

SOAK: So whatís it like being be a young dude in a touring band?
AK: Itís great. Every night is a different cast of characters. Youíre in a different city a lot, in a different time zone, thereís always something going on. We may be doing the same set every night, but itís a different crowd. We get different reactions everywhere.

SOAK: Donít the chicks always seem to dig the guy that plays guitar?
AK: I donít know. Some of them do. Our bass player [Schultejann] seems to have quite a following. Depends on where you go; the girls in Chicago that come to shows are usually pretty young. Weíll have to wait a few years on them. But, definitely, itís easy to meet girls when you have a guitar strapped around you.

SOAK: Who seems to get the most attention from the ladies?
AK: It depends on whoís single at the time. When we hook-up with girls at home for serious relationships, they usually last a while. Everybody is loyal; nobody goofs up. And we keep each other out of trouble too. Like right now, Iím single and our drummerís kind of single, I think, who knows? But the other guys that arenít kind of keep each other out of trouble.

SOAK: How would you keep someone in a band out ďout of trouble?Ē
AK: If we get rooms at hotels, we put the guys with girlfriends in the same room and thereís no party in there, thereís no random women showing up, so thereís not even temptation. Iíve seen a lot of bands that do that and I have a lot of respect for them. And Iíve also seen bands that totally couldnít give a fuck about their girl back home and I was just so annoyed. I guess thatís fun, but that doesnít really make for a good long-term relationship to come home to.

SOAK: Whatís your favorite place to hang out in the city?
AK: We used to go to Fuel all the time, it was one of our favorites. It was right next door to Metro. Great food, great DJ. Heíd play punk rock and good rock ní roll music all night long. It was a good place to get drunk and have some waffles and fries. But now that place has turned into a sports pub. Once we get back in town, weíre going to have to scout out a new hang out and see what we can find.

SOAK: Do you guys put any interesting requests on your tour rider?
AK: Weíre keeping it simple now. We used to put some funny things on there back in the day. Weíve asked for ďSex toys (be creative)Ē and ďAdult reading materialĒ and a few other random things. Now itís mostly just beer, water, and the essentials. Weíre thinking about putting together a new one, a couple pages long, just full of a items like a football helmet full of cottage cheese and naked pictures of Bea Arthur.

SOAK: Do you guys have any weird hobbies?
AK: I donít really have any weird hobbies. I wake up, I eat food, smoke cigarettes, and play guitar, and get in the van and go somewhere else. Joe [Sell] is going through this Harry Potter stage right now. Heís our big bad guitar player who likes whiskey, women and Harry Potter. Heís got a girlfriend now, though.

SOAK: You used to have the ďAsk CockBoyĒ advice column on your Web site Whatís the status on that?
AK: CockBoyís been busy lately. He hasnít really had time to do his column. I think heís going to start that up again once he gets some time. The ladies love CockBoy.

SOAK: With a name like CockBoy, did he ever get any interesting questions?
AK: People started writing in lame, typical questions like, ďWhat should I get my boyfriend for Christmas?Ē and he would kind of answer them obnoxiously. We started to get some pretty funny ones. Basically, if it was a girl that wrote in, it always resulted in giving the girl advice and then telling her to show up at the next Lucky Boys Confusion show wearing fishnet stockings, and CockBoy would meet her at the bar. That was the standard formula for answering all female letters to CockBoy.

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