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Ivana Bozilovic
Sheís much more than ĎThat Naked Chick from Van Wilderí
By Randy J. Klodz

Photo by Dominic Petruzzi
Just one look into the stunning green eyes of Yugoslavian, Chicago-native model/actress Ivana Bozilovic will make most men stumble, that is, if they werenít instead already staring at another portion of her now well-known anatomy.

While she kicked back and watched some Greyís Anatomy (I sense a theme here) on TiVo, Ivana Bozilovic talked to SOAK about baring her assets as Naomi (remember, thatís ĎI moaní backward) in Van Wilder, on camera bull riding (not Scottie Pippen), and locking lips with Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, all the while living the teenage dream as high school class president and homecoming queen.

Wipe that drool off your lip.

SOAK: So you took your homecoming queen tiara and bolted the Chicago area for Los Angeles to become an actress and all that fun stuff?
Ivana: I didnít come out here to be an actress to begin with; I just moved out here for the weather and then kind of fell into all of this. After years of doing this, I was initially working doing trade shows and stuff like that, really basic jobs, and then realizing that I was making more money doing that than having my real job. Then I thought, ĎHmm, why donít I try to look a little more into this?í and then I ended up modeling, and then commercials, and then acting, and it all just kind of came together. But it wasnít like my life-long passion, or dream.

SOAK: Youíre one of the hot female hosts of the action/adventure SpikeTV show ĎHotlinesí. What kind of crazy things did you do on camera?
Ivana: It was just an extreme travel adventure show. So we traveled around the world and did cool shit like jumping out of planes; I flew a fighter jet, swam with sharks, went bull riding, did alligator wrestling ó good stuff like that.

SOAK: So they did whatever they could to try and kill you?
Ivana: I call it Wild On meets Jackass, because it was frightening a lot of the time. And of course, we didnít have any training for any of this stuff either. Theyíre like, here you go, try this, letís go scuba diving for the first time without being trained.

SOAK: This sounds like a breeding ground for lawyers.
Ivana: Well, they had really good insurance. So I knew if I died on the job that my parents would be set.

(Another phone rings. Somebody has just told her that she was named to ďMaximís Hot 100Ē listÖat #98.)

SOAK: So youíre on the list?
Ivana: I didnít know I was on the list. I knew a lot of my friends were on the list, because they got phone calls. And now somebody called me to confirm it. Iím No. 98, though. I almost didnít make it. [laughs]

SOAK: Well next year, youíll just have to try for higher. If SOAK had a list, Iíd list you as No. 1.
Ivana: Iím just really excited to be on the list. It made me very happy.

SOAK: Now you can add that to your resume. Speaking of your resume, you were in this little comedy with Ryan Reynolds called Van Wilder that has been seen by millions worldwideÖ
Ivana: Yes. I showed some skin, too. I donít know how my classmates are going to feel about that.

SOAK: So what does it feel like to know that some of your classmates nowÖ
Ivana: Know me really well now, because none of them really knew me that well in high school? [laughs] Itís kind of embarrassing, actually, but itís not something that I regret by any means. I think itís kind of funny. When youíre doing stuff like that, you donít think about people being in the theater watching it, youíre just working on a fun movie and then all of sudden people come up to you and are like, ďHey, I saw you in the movie.Ē

SOAK: And thereís also the advancement of the DVD and the ever popular freeze-frame feature.
Ivana: Well, I did the menu options too, which is kinda funny I guess, but itís nothing I regret by any means.

SOAK: In the infamous Van Wilder scene where youíre lying on the bed as Taj (Kal Penn) stands bedside and says ďI long to rub you the right way,Ē what does a guy have to do to rub you the right way?
Ivana: [laughs] In general, I prefer a guy just to be himself. I hate any guys that start off with lines and stuff like that, because that does nothing for anyone. I donít think any girl likes that. A guy needs to make me laugh, for sure. And, you know, I have to be attracted to him. That does help. But thatís about it.

SOAK: Your bio page on the official ďHotlinesĒ Web site reads: ďI wish I had more dates, but itís so hard to find a regular guy in LA, maybe I should move.Ē I happen to know a normal, single guy residing in your hometown, hint hint!
Ivana: Actually, I didnít say any of those things. They made it up, but thereís some truth to that ó Los Angeles is a very hard place to date in. Everyoneís kind of really caught up in themselves and looking for the next big thing. But no, they made up all those things that we supposedly said. [laughs]

SOAK: So youíre in Wedding Crashers, (her characterís creative name is Ivana) one of this summerís most anticipated comedies, with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.
Ivana: Will Farrell actually has a cameo, too. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are the two leads. Christopher Walken and Rachel McAdams are also in it as well.

SOAK: So what is it like working with some of the funniest people on the planet?
Ivana: My experience on Wedding Crashers was so great. Vince Vaughn does a lot of improv. They have a script and stuff like that, and they need to go by the script, but a lot of his jokes that he comes up with, he comes up with on the spot. It just makes it really interesting and fun and you really have to be on your toes and go with it. And I had a make-out scene with him. Yeah. Which is kind of funny. It was my first onstage kiss.

SOAK: So I imagine he wanted to repeat that scene over and over? I know I probably would.
Ivana: We redid it several times. And we kept on kissing after they yelled cut. No Iím just kidding. [laughs] He was totally professional. He was really cool.

SOAK: Speaking of kissing, millionaire Andrew Firestone was your date for the Kentucky Derby? The last time I checked, a multi-millionaire wouldnít count as a ďregular guy.Ē
Ivana: Oh, shush. He was my date. I donít know if I would call him my boyfriend, but we went together. The Kentucky Derby was awesome. Iím never ever star-struck because I could care less, but I did run into a couple people and I was like, ďOhh, this is kind of fun.Ē Michael Jordan being one of them and being from Chicago and all, I thought that was pretty damn cool. We sat with Tom Brady. Tom Brady doesnítÖMichael Jordan I was a little more like, ďHoly cow.Ē And Usher was by us, which, you know it was cool just to be there. But we just went as dates. [Firestoneís] a lot more down to earth than I pictured him being. Heís much more of a normal guy than I pictured before meeting him. Heís actually really, really cool. You would never ever guess that his family comes from money or anything like that. Heís just really cool. Heís like somebody I grew up with. The only thing thatís not normal is when you go somewhere like the Kentucky Derby, and girls are like [to Firestone]: ďOh, can I have a picture with you?Ē but that doesnít happen all the time.

SOAK: Yeah, theyíre nuts. They should be asking to take YOUR picture.

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